The countryside in the west of Ireland where I grew up is truly magical, something I have come to appreciate and allow myself to say only since travelling, seeing the rest of the world and returning to Castlebar.

 The town and its surrounding landscapes permeate my work. Rolling rugged, craggy hills, misty landscapes, the delicacy of the flora and fauna that would appear and disappear with the changing of the seasons. 

The history in my family, of building, farming and fishing, making and mending and being resourceful with materials has been a major influence in my choice to use recycled materials when I can. This alongside with a deep respect for the nature and environment in which I grew up.

For the moment my passion keeps me in New York where I can enjoy a whole range of amazing cultural experiences. All of these, combined with my innate sensibilities and values I want to create, make and live meaningfully, sharing my insights and abilites and hopefully inspiring others along the way